Physical Volume

how can i put a “Physical Volume” in a blueprint? i have a “water blueprint” when is “rain” i move them, but the “Physical Volume” stay in the same location, i do a lot of conbinations like “move Physical Volume” apart in “map blueprint” but this is bad, if i change the map, the “Physical Volume” continue static, and i need put all in a blueprint and move them together, any ideas?

I wonder if it’s related to this:

Objects parented directly under root sometimes do not move with the root…

i reed this but i cant put “physical volumen” in a bp, i can move “waterbp”, this bp have a “water mesh” and a lot of visual things, but the physical volumen is apart in the map, is this the correct way to do this? or i can put this in my waterbp?

I think, but not sure, that it probably works the same way as putting a post process into a BP used to work. You add a collision volume, and then in the details, you can attach an asset to the collision volume. That’s where you point to your volume.

( not actually at a machine at the moment… )