Physical synths + marbles prototype

It’s an early prototype… I will make sure to make something that actually sounds good, down the line!
You could fondle those balls in VR, or just play with your hands.

video: synth03 - YouTube

edit: video2: synth04 - YouTube

edit2: video3:

Hahah, that’s awesome! :smiley:

Nice! Looking forward to these physics-based generators…

Love it! This is Bob Moog’s nightmare.

Edit: I tweeted this out.

It’s turning into some kind of ethereal funhouse… synth04 - YouTube
The human figures are 180cm tall, for scale. Will record a VR POV video sometime. Extremely giant pianos!!!

Haha, I love it!!! Awesome stuff :slight_smile:

You’ll like my new method for dealing with the extreme right!

Hahaha!! Destroy those nazis :smiley: