Physical objects apparently lose physics when support is quickly removed

Hi! I have a problem with some physical objects.

I’m making a tractor simulator and I already have a working solution for loading/unloading rock in the scoop using overlaps, and now I’m trying to make it more realistic using physics.

The physic of the scoop works well with the rocks, but the problem is that for some reason when I move the scoop back and down fast, the rocks don’t follow physics and stay in the air. Only after pushing them again do they recover the physics (after several tries).

Do you have any idea what is happening and how to solve it? I already check the collision presets, sweep check, and sleep and stabilization threshold.

Hey there @FrancoACT! Could the objects be going to sleep from that short second of staying still? You could apply this physical material here to stop their sleeping, or adjust the sleep counter on the objects themselves.