Physical materials

So i’ve seen that the only way to get diferent trace results with surfaces it’s physical materials has anyone got any experience with them, tracing down the landscape and getting diferent result ?

function scanlandscape()
	local vector loc, norm, end;
	local TraceHitInfo hitInfo;
	local Actor traceHit;
	local PlayerController PC;
	local UTPhysicalMaterialProperty PhysicalProperty;

    PC = PlayerController(Seats[0].SeatPawn.Controller);

	end = Location;
	end.z = Location.z -100;
	traceHit = trace(loc, norm, end, Location, true,, hitInfo);


	//fuelmultiply =(carspeed * 0.001);

        fuel = (fuel -(carrevs * 0.00001)  ) * fuelmultiply;

	if (traceHit == none)
		PC.ClientMessage("Nothing found, try again.");

    PhysicalProperty = UTPhysicalMaterialProperty(HitInfo.PhysMaterial.GetPhysicalMaterialProperty(class'UTPhysicalMaterialProperty'));

     //check the material type and change wheel particles
 	if (PhysicalProperty.MaterialType == 'Stone')                 ///track

        UDKVehicleWheel(Wheels[2]).SteerFactor = 1.0;  ///front wheel
        UDKVehicleWheel(Wheels[3]).SteerFactor = 1.0;  ///front wheel
        UDKVehicleWheel(Wheels[0]).LatSlipFactor = 2.75;
        UDKVehicleWheel(Wheels[1]).LatSlipFactor = 2.75;
        UDKVehicleWheel(Wheels[2]).LatSlipFactor = 0.75;
        UDKVehicleWheel(Wheels[3]).LatSlipFactor = 0.75;


original code from tegleg.

I have problema the code does not detect the landscape any idea on that ?

Oh my bad, i traced, like upside down i think is said, trace end and trace start in wrong params. LoL. Now it Works now ima try the phyisical material.

Awsome it Works! ! ! Bye bye collision cylinders and volumes everywhere in the map. Thanks gaz!!

Problem, how do you assign physichal material property in the editor ??

Oh nvm i had to create a class physichal Material in the code.

no the landscape tool,in the target layer section hit to the texture thumbnail is where you enter the physmat.

Yep i got that.

Awsome i discovered that they work to on foliage actors. :slight_smile:

pretty sure it works on any actor.