Physical Materials in Material Functions

When using procedural materials for landscape or anything, sometimes you need to assign different physic material. For example, we have awesome automatic terrain materials but you can’t implement footstep sound the proper impact particles because you can’t get physic material for a mask based material. I know that some user already ask for this feature but i think that is not a very hard implementation.

ps: Sorry for my english

Possible that no one need this?

any news on this?

No there is a answer from some time ago

Hi Kheka,

I checked the status on this and currently it’s still backlogged. The reference ticket is UE-14372. The other (UE-22749) is a duplicate of the original ticket and has been closed.

The feature is marked as Major, so while it is backlogged it’s something that we would like to see implemented!

i really hope to see this update soon since allot of people use auto materials for landscape including the people who buyed the packs from the marketplace

Finally a good answer :smiley: Thank you Tim Hobson

yay :slight_smile:

I hope to see this in the Trello roadmap sometime (not there yet)

Any news on this after 5 years? The issue doesnt exist anymore…

Any news? I’ve been searching for a day for an alternative with no luck…

I’m guessing the chance of implementing this will increase after Chaos will become the default physics system in the engine.
Currently, the engineer would have to implement it for PhysX and later convert it to Chaos. Maintaining backward compatibility might be tricky here :wink:

Once the engine will use its own physics solution, programmers will have full control over physics and should much easier to integrate it with the renderer.