Physical Material Panel - 4.10

I can’t find anywhere anymore the place where to edit physical materials; the editor panel for them is now simply empty and I can’t see anywhere these properties:

Someone broke this on 4.10.x editor??
I’ve checked the class and they have EditAnywhere fields so I have no idea what’s going…

This bug is awesome. Have to create materials in 4.8 then migrate to 4.10 because this panel is gone.

So when you create a new Physical Material, double click, the Detail panel is empty? That’s strange, in my 4.10.2, it shows up normally.

Hi BrUnO XaVIeR,

When you open the Physical Material if you don’t see a tab that say’s “Details” you may have inadvertently closed this property window. You can re-enable it by going to Window > Details and making sure that is enabled. It will bring back the properties panel if you’ve closed it.

If you’re still having the issue can you make sure to post this in the Bug Reports section of AnswerHub?

Thank you!


The tab was enabled; it was a bug within project settings config.
I had to reset editor settings and restart the editor… After a crash, the details came up to show again.