Physical Material from FHitResult is null


Im trying to get Physical Material from a FHitResult reference when my projectile impacts. I have assigned a delegate to my movement component

	TScriptDelegate<FWeakObjectPtr> StopDelegate;
	StopDelegate.BindUFunction(this, FName("OnHit"));


The delegate is working properly and the function onHit receives only one FHitResult param:

void AProjectile::OnHit(const FHitResult& Hit)

Inside that function I’m trying to get the physic material from the FHitResult param like this:

	UPhysicalMaterial* HitPhysMat = Hit.PhysMaterial.Get();

But HitPhysMat pointer is always null.

I’m pretty sure that the material which the projectile is impacting has a physic material assigned.

Any idea??


In the projectile collision volume you should tick the option called bReturnMaterialOnMove (i think is what it’s called).

Hi Dec1234!

So easy?? hehehehe I can’t try now but I will check it later at home.

Thanks so much!!!