Physical Audio (Phya)

Dear Epic,

The Phya plugin is really interesting, as it provides physically rendered audio, which is awesome (I have played around with the Phya code project)

However, I have trouble getting the plugin to work in Unreal 4

1: Could you please ask the coder who created the plugin, to share his project files? For me, it is always easier to learn by modifying a working example.
2: Are there any plans to make it an official plugin? Phya gives audio in Unreal 4 a cutting edge compared to other game engines.

Best regards,

PS: sorry for cross-posting; I have asked similar questions in the Answer hub at two occasions, but have not got a reply

+1 for this, I’d like to know more about using Phya as well.

Rather than typing James’ answer out again, I’ll just link the answerhub post.

Ah dang, I was hoping that info wasn’t current - I’d seen it but forgotten about it. Thanks Marc.

Shame it’s not in a more working state.