Physical Asset Constraint rotating indefinitely?


Im trying to setup the lower doors of a shelf skeletal mesh, i locked its angular motion and used the Hinge constraint mode so it would rotate like a door, The issue is taht when it receives any sort of physical reaction ( touch or just starting the game ) The door starts to rotate over and over

Here is a quick video of the issue

As you can see both of the lower doors instead of staying in their position when the simulation starts, doing any sort of physical contact with them makes them rotate , over for no apparent reason, as well when applying a impulse on any door the opposite door moves too ( Applying a impulse on the left door moves the right door )

Hi Alvaro,

Have you tried increasing the angular damping of the door bodies?

Ah, I knew i was missing someting! Thanks increasing the Angular Damping fixed it!

I have a secondary issue that isnt exactly related to the question tho… Im using a UPhysicsHandleComponent to “grab” one of the shelf lower doors and move it with the mouse, So far i have the proper mouse location in the world and i perform a trace to get the current object under the mouse, the issue is that when i grab the shelf door it just stops moving, Im calling the grabcomponent with the mouse hit location and trace bone each tick, here is a screenshot of the relevant side of the blueprint

The grab component is getting called for sure since the shelf door stops moving completly when i hover the mouse over it… However it doesnt seem to do anything else . Since im using Grab Component isnt the physic body supposed to move as the mouse moves?

This setup will change where in the door you are grabbing (door knob, by the hinge, etc…)

You need to call SetTargetLocation to update where the object will try to move to. So you’ll probably want to set the Grab Location once when the mouse is clicked, and then as the mouse moves call SetTargetLocation to properly move the door.

As a side note, you may want to check the return value of the line trace as it’s possible that the user clicks off screen at which point you’ll be using invalid data from the trace.

You were right!, That very much fixed all the issues, Thanks a lot for the help and yeah im doing a check if the trace hits someting before calling the grab now…Once again Thanks