Physical Animation Problem

***Edit: *The better question might be, “why does my mesh not deform correctly if IsLocalSimulation is False? Why do all the bodies behave independently of each other? Is there no way to make them aware of each other if the sim is not local?”

I have PhysicalAnimation running on a skeletal mesh inside of a Character BP for an AI opponent. The “Make PhysicalAnimationData” node is using values that work fine; however, the “IsLocalSimulation” is the problem.

IsLocalSimulation = True
In this case, I can push the enemy body around while he stands and the body will deform correctly. If I push his chest, his head and lower body will bend with the chest. However, if I attach a simulating object (a sword) to his hand, then the mesh starts to wobble and go crazy. Probably because IsLocalSimulation is True and the sword is not a part of that local simulation.

IsLocalSimulation = False
In this case, attaching a simulating sword works fine and the character is stable. However, if I push his chest like before, then the chest pops out of his body and the rest of his body does not bend along with it.

I can’t find a balance in which pushing the body around produces realistic results but also allows me to weld-attach a simulating sword mesh to his hand. Is this not possible?

Thank you in advance.