Physical animation - pinning and unpinning the character?

I’m using the physical animation component and still trying to get my head around which are the important settings to modify for my project. I know it’s possible to get a ragdoll like effect pretty easily, but I want to retain animation and simply “unpin” my character.

I’ve found that this can easily be done by setting the Is Local Simulation to true. This basically gives me the desired result I want. It blends nicely from a standing animation to falling over while retaining the animation data. However, when I set this bool back to false the bodies all freak out as they try and get back to their original position. So I suspect this is either not the right way to do this, or maybe it’s not possible at all? (this seems unlikely).

For reference I’m doing this so I can simulate the idea of losing balance and I’m trying to replicate the concept used in the Unity asset Puppetmaster.

This seems like a super useful tool but there’s basically no documentation beyond the basic training video so I’m trying to figure it out as I go.