Physic Constraints

Is there is reason that when using angular properties, the physics constraints works fine(making the joing where the physic constraints acutally is) but when using linear limits it always uses… apperently nothing but allows the constrainted object to move the allowed values regardless of where the constrant is. i need the object to move only one direction, + and - only like - .one workaround is to place the object lower so it goes up to the maximum and goes but i dont like to do that and i guess there have to be another way, anybody knows a solution?

same thing with the axis. turning the physics constraint doesnt do anything. so how do i make that for example a door is only openable in one direction?

with the axis i can adjust the “offset” which basically does the trick but theres no such thing with the linear limit

The physics contraint exists as more of an empty object with some prebuilt code. If you need the joint to rotate, you have to call it in the event graph.

Edit: you wouldn’t rotate the phys constraint component, you would rotate the rotation target