Physic asset for mannequin : Issue with constraint orientation


I don’t understand how the rotation of the constraints works on a mannequin physics asset. I have this red cone that represents the angle of my constraint on the XY and XZ planes :

As you can see, I oriented the cone to the right, but when I try to simulate the behaviour of my lower arm I get this :

It is outside of the cone range, I don’t know why it does that. I was thinking that the arm could not go outside the boundary of the red cone but it does. So I don’t know how to setup this properly.

I don’t have this issue for others contraints ( I tried on the spines and the contrains works well) but for the arms it does not work. Do you have an idea why? Thank you

Hold control (or alt?) When rotating.

The blue lines represent where the control point actually is.
Some times you want to rotate the view opposite to it to check range of motion.
But to change the starting position of a joint its done by holding ctrl (or alt).

Also, your 2 capsules shouldn’t run into each other.