PHP Post and Get Actions with Blueprints?

Hello there :slight_smile:

Is it possible with blueprints to do php post and get actions ?

I want to make a multiplayer lobby system with get and post actions & umg … But ( If this works with blueprints) I dont know how to make that possible.

Here you have a view what I want to make…

User -> POST ACTION do login with vars from umg like username & password do LOGIN -> IF LOGIN SUCCESS -> Textcallback from php is USERID -> Unreal Engine should define now a var with userid = phpuserid.

If you press create lobby -> POST ACTION - CreateLobby with VAR userid ( give this userid lobby admin ) -> PHPScript generates random number and create in the database a lobby with 4 slots. -> Unreal Engine should get now the LOBBYID.
And Unreal Engine joins the Lobby.

Now if the other friend joins your Lobby over Join Lobby -> Insert LobbyID -> Check if slots are free -> Callback Text is 2/4 -> THAN JOIN .

The first user should run a query ( every 2 seconds ) that looks what userid is in the lobby database ( Array ) and check for a free server from the “Serverlist Database”.

If the lobbyowner press start the querry sends to everyone in the lobby the join command it joins the multiplayer server after that the query sends the delete command for the lobby with post.

I hope you can understand what I mean … Sorry about my english…

Hope you guys can help me :slight_smile:


Have a look at these plugins:

JSON Query

looks great thanks mate :slight_smile: