PHP Coding Assistance. Please Help

So I’ve learned soo much in the past few years of playing around with UE4 and networking and such but on thing I havent learned yet and am still learning is PHP for MySQL connections to ue4. I am using VaRest Plugin with php -> Mysql for a login system (The free assets from sparkfire) and I understand enough to alter the database table for ue4 to read from. But I dont undestand php enough to know how to script my own php code to connect to a new database table.
(Ex. I setup a database table “items” and I want it to store all the necessary information from ue4 (Name, Description, Model file location(to tell ue4 what model to use for the item), model material file location(same thing but what material to apply) item stat 1, item stat 2, item stat 3, value) Then I plan to setup a blueprint in ue4 to get the information based on an item ID number. for example. item id 0001 sets item name to Toilet Paper, Description to Paper for your butt and so on. I’m not asking anyone to write it for me, but maybe give me some pointers or good resources to learn from? Thanks a lot!

What version of PHP? PHP7 (the new version) changed how to talk to databases a bit.
Most importantly, you should use “PDO” rather than the “mysql_” functions now.

I find that the best thing to do is to go look at some sample code, and then look up the modules you need on
While PHP, the language, is very badly designed as a language, the documentation is very good!

Also, here’s one of many tutorials on how to use PDO from MySQL:
And here’s the documentation on itself:

Im using php 5.5.3 and I know mysql most out of any other database structures so i’d like to,at least for now, stick with mysql.

Try something simpler first, for starter, only store credentials in MySQL, for logging in to server. And yes, do use PDO.

For the items, you don’t have to store everything in MySQL. Use a mix of Enums and Structure + Data Table.

I’m not a professional PHP Developer, but I do have more than 8 years exp, and was my fulltime day job. Now, mixing with Game dev and PHP dev.

Well the thing is, i have 0 years of experience lol. I was really hoping to find some tutorials or something on a connection and I have a login system setup with php mysql using the free VaRest login asset from the marketplace. I have the login system working the way I need it to, I was just hoping to add some functionality for a new database table such as items, weapons, characters (stores character info based on account ID) and so on. I used to play a zombie online game that was setup similar to this way, (Infestation Survivor Stories) and the code they used was similar to what I was hoping to use and but as I said before, Im very inexperienced with network coding. Im even willing to pay for some learning lessons or tutorial videos if you guys decide to make some.

Did the links I posted not work?

Ive been checking them out but Ive been doing it in segments, theyre helpful so far though