Photoscanned materials for your terrains!

I’d like to share with you my FREE Photoscanned Misc. Materials. This pack has Pebbles, Dead Leaves and Wood Chips materials, based on real geometry, has Albedo, Normal and Height maps, in 4k resolution in lossless *.tga format. Works great in Unreal Engine 4, simply import the textures and set up materials! You can also use it with other softwares :slight_smile:
Let me know what you think :wink:

Those are really awesome! What kind of tools did you use to make them?

Nice work will dl later. Do you know what material I would find REALLY useful that I’ve not come across are the type of stones found under railway sleepers… If you found the time will gladly donate to you. Or marketplace them?

Great textures !

THX for sharing :smiley:

Thank you! :smiley:
@_cDub - First of all I’m using camera, that’s the most important tool :wink: Next is just processing the photos, baking maps and so on…
@SlinkyMuffins - I planned to do them anyway, but I think it will be around January, when I get new camera, meanwhile you can check out freshly uploaded Ground Materials (link below). I already tried Marketplace but I got response that there’s no need for more materials, so I put them on Unity AssetStore first, and recently discovered Gumroad :smiley:
@Stevelois - You’re welcome, there will be more FREE stuff in future too, so come back in some time :slight_smile:

I’ve just uploaded one of my best selling Material pack on Unity AssetStore, I hope you’ll like it as well :smiley: Ground/Dirt, these ones are paid, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: But you won’t be dissapointed, and all money will go to buy decent DSLR camera, so I’ll make even more and much better stuff :smiley: You can easily change color in GIMP/Photoshop to make it desert/African savanna terrains!

Here’s how they look with DX11 on default spheres:

Cool stuff :smiley:

FYI, I’ve share your latest pack on my blog. You’ll get a download mirror too :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve! I’ve sent you PM :smiley:

Hey Mikołaj :slight_smile:

I’ve answer your PM and awesome new materials there :smiley:

I dont know what is so hard to do this materials :confused:

@demonith88 I don’t know what you mean, are you having troubles setting them up for UE4? just follow common workflow. If you mean how do I do them - basically I’m trying to recreate Epic’s workflow with photogrammetry (but on student’s budget :stuck_out_tongue: ) First of all, I need to get out in good lighting conditions, find part of ground which will be tiling nicely, take bunch of photos, process them, and so on.

I’ve released another FREE pack - Photoscanned Asphalt - - maybe not much, but you can have nice results with it :slight_smile: I’ve also uploaded more paid packs, some of them will be submitted to Unreal Marketplace too (my first pack for Marketplace will be released 4th November - Aged Tools Pack - not yet on Gumroad) :smiley:
There will be another FREE pack soon - Photoscanned Plaster - great for walls or ceiling :wink:

In future I’ll buy decent DSLR and proper color checker, you can expect even more interesting stuff somewhere in January :slight_smile: