Photoscanned Fruits & Vegetables

Update: There will be 35 meshes for 45$ :slight_smile:

While waiting for my ‘Aged Tools Pack’ to be published I started working on another pack for Unreal Marketplace, as title says - scanned fruits and vegetables.
They’re based on real objects recreated using photogrammetry. All models will have ~5k tris with LOD stages for nice detail and 4k PBR textures :slight_smile:
Pack will have more than 20 fruits and vegetables in total, some in variations (like two pears, two plums and so on) and will cost probably 30-40$, depending on how many I make in the end :wink:
Those assets will be great for arch viz - put some fruits in bowl in kitchen! :smiley:
Currently I have scanned:

  • ananas
  • two coconuts
  • two figs
  • two garlics
  • two lemons
  • mango
  • two oranges
  • two peaches
  • two pears
  • two plums
  • two different types of pumpkins
  • watermelon
    I’ll make onions, bananas and whatever I can find or buy :smiley:

Let me know if you’d be interested :slight_smile:

Here are the screens of few fruits I already processed, I’ll be uploading them on my Sketchfab soon :wink: