Photoscanned Forest Mushrooms!

Pack is released -

This week my first pack for Unreal Marketplace - Aged Tools Pack - has been released.

Recently I asked if you’d like to see some photogrammetry nature assets like in Kite Demo, looks like some of you are interested, so I’ve submitted first pack from series: Forest Mushrooms Pack.
It will contain 20 full 3D scans made in homemade studio of variety types and sizes fungi. They’ll be great to paint with Foliage or Grass tools, but as they’re full scans you can also put them in bowl, on table, hang them to dry, whatever you want! Maybe you’re doing some mushrooming game and want to have 3D view what you picked? You can also make it!
Tris count is average 1k per model with LODs down to ~60-120 tris. They have 4k Albedo and Normal maps. You can even scale them up to make fantasy land, or if your character is insect, without loosing much quality! :smiley:
Price will be 15$.
Here are some screens, let me know what you think :slight_smile:
You can see one stump on the last screen, it will be included in future ‘Forest Trunks, Stumps and Sticks Pack’

Also, you can take a look on some of them in real 3D on my Sketchfab folder