Photos with different GSD

I have a question about the way the system processes the photos taken ad different distances or with different GSD.

“traditional” photogrammetry software create a point cloud as a first step, and them creates the mesh. The pointcloud grid is spaced based on the GSD of the pictures. Taking more picures or a different height will not improve the gris spacing.

On the other hand (and according with some hints on the web site) it looks like reality capture create a mesh in a difefrent way, so it is possible to exploit the use of redundant pictures also with reasonably different GSD valuse.

Am I missing something or is roughly this the worflow?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Massimo,

for a layperson: are you asking if areas where you have shots with a higher resolution will also be more detailed in the mesh?

Yes, they will. RC uses all pixels it can get to create the mesh.