Photos/Media/Files permissions for Android

My users are having to grant permissions for “Photos/Media/Files” when using my game.

In my c++ code I use the following to save and load the game:


Where is the documentation that says that the “Photos/Media/Files” permission is required for saving games?

I can see that a folder is put onto the phone and it makes sense, but i want to direct users to your documentation so that they feel safer that i in no way am misusing their data.

I’m struggling to find it.

Thanks in advance dudes and dudesses!

Still haven’t found the documentation. Any help? :slight_smile:

bump. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you mean to add this as an answer?

I have absolutely the same problem, want to use cloud save and don’t want any extra requests to be asked. Especially critical like that.

That post from endragorr helped me

Sorry, wanted to just add a comment, and just tell you you’re not alone. But I found solution that worked for me.

Cool!!! I’ll look into this. Thank you!