Photorealistic level design

Total noob here learning unreal from online tutorials, this might sound completely obvious, but I’m trying to build a level, with megascan assets, but whetever I do, with the resolution of the imports, render setting and all I always end up with lowpoly-ish output, Like, its somewhat good, but not as photoreal as they show in tutorials. I’m not sure what I’m missing here. Is photorealism only achievable with RTX cards or the right hardware, or are there any obvious settings that we need to change which the tutorials are skipping?

I have attached a basic kitbash with assets from megascan which I’m using to check the output quality.

We need an image :slight_smile:

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so, most tutorials on ue4 are geared towards a real time kinda project. meaning it needs optimization to run good in real time. the megascans you have are probably from the store or from bridge but the first lod (aka the highest quality model but optimized for real time rendering).
if you want movie quality assets you need to go into bridge and dl the high poly meshes instead of LOD0. thats the unoptimized mesh that has the best quality.
be aware that this can make your project VERY slow and i only recommend it if you are using UE5