Photorealistic Landscape pack 4

I really love the youtube of that pack, show the massive scale of Antarctic, Scotland and so on i know what was missing Australia, maybe Australia isn’t that popular, would have been awesome but never mind, for $189 it is awesome maybe Photorealistic Landscape pack 5 may include Australian outback, Ayers Rock, the Blue Mountains, Wilpena pound, also we have a Kakadu as well, a ArmenLand, isn’t that exciting i be willing to pay about $300 for a Photorealistic Landscape pack 5 if one ever did exist or what would be a fair price, well by the time Unreal engine 4.20 be out by the time i finish building my pc im spend 1,200 every 6 months i already own Motherboard and corsair LGA2011-3 water cooler, all i need now is MSI 1080Ti Gpu, then 4 x 16 Gig 3000 MHz DDR4 rams then intel i7, 8 core CPU but i don’t know if Unreal engine will ever switch over to i9 CPU , then 1TB Samsung EVo 850 3D i might use 2, then after that a 800 to 1000 Corsair power supply platinum and the Phantom 820 E-ATX tower case, mechanical key board a mouse triple button.:):cool: