Photorealism work!

Hello Everyone!

New guy to Unreal Engine, but i have always loved it and never had the time to work with it, so here it is,
my first attempt at it, the inspiration its obvious, but this was a mere attempt in photorealism to see how i could manage to work with it.

Looks good, impressive lighting. =)

Thanks man, will post new screenshoots and maybe a couple of test video :slight_smile:

I love it when people post a thread with photorealism in the title and then you open it and it actually does have photorealistic stuff in it :slight_smile:

hahah! i was waiting for the twist at the end and there was no twist love it!

thank you :slight_smile:

Some new Test i am working on, mostly to work with Dynamic Lights and Displacement

Impressive! Nice mood & lightning. Any photoscanning involved?

Thanks! yes photoscanning is part of the process, but it really depends on the subject, in the first project i have used no 3d scanning at all.

Now testing the new Volumetric Fog with volumetric lights, guess where I got the inspiration from lol :smiley: