Photon + Unreal Engine

Hello everyone hows it going?

I’ve been trying to use Photon as my server hosting service for my team’s game. I’ve gotten it to the point that I believe the server and the clients acknowledges each other. However, I have the problem where even if the players are in the same lobby, they either can’t control their spawned character, and or they can’t see the other player. It works somewhat in the editor using Unreal’s networking options to simulate. Yet once I build and test on two different computers, it just doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been using the template that Photon provides with Unreal and working off that. It is just when I change from cards to third person characters, that is when things go haywire. I’ve attached an image of an error message that pops up sometimes when players load up the game and try to connect (I do not know what it really means). Any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve would be much appreciated!