photon map?

hey guy’s I was reading somewhere that it’s not the poly count or the textures or animation that it’s the lighting that is keeping games in general from looking real.

I was thinking 8 k maps are huge file wise and stuff but I was thinking that what if you could sample a part of the texture map for the lights and then divide the pixels to get a smoother gradient for shadows and stuff.

Kinda like zooming in on a 64 x 64 cunk of the light map making that 1024 resolution and then smoothing the pixels like photoshop does when you resize an image?

I was also thinking of the way that they build movies where stuff closest to the camera has the most detail, so maybe if the 128 x 128 border around the player in the light map, would get resized to 512 because when they’re walking around the world that would be further from the camera.

Kinda like you’re walking through the lightmap, and the part of the 8 k texture that isn’t being used get’s dropped from memory like the level streaming. idk just some thoughts.

It already streams lightmaps–so it doesn’t load full resolution lightmaps unless you get close enough to them. Any other type of processing that isn’t done beforehand will have a bigger performance impact.

And it’s not just lighting that will affect graphical quality, it’s everything–you need good models/textures/materials/animation