Photomontage - How to add building into photo and render out elements for post at specific res?

Hi Guys

We’re looking into switching our offline rendering workflow completely over to Unreal. We’ve hit a snag with the most simplest of things.

  1. How do you export render elements at specific highres resolution out of UE? HighResShot only gives you a beauty pass in png. In viewport, using the native High Resolution Screenshot, you can get EXR elements, but for specific size you have to use that awful size multiplier which does NOT give you an exact output you need.
    Trying things with the sequencer is even worse. You can get an image from there at specific res, but again, it’s one hell of a workaround to get something done that should be much simpler.
  2. We need to stick our building into a photo. While the final bit is done in PS, we also need to see in editor while we are working how things are progressing so we need a backplate for the photo to see the building over it in editor.

Neither of those 2 things seems simple at all.

At the end of the day we need to “render” out our highres image from UE with masks and render elements, for further manipulation in PS like adding 2D people, adjusting bits and bobs etc

Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

This might help:

Guess you didnt read my post

I did read your post. Did you read the documentation?

HighResShot 3840x2160 gives you a screenshot of that size. Type it into the console. You can place a camera and then pilot it to take the screenshot always from the same spot.

gives you a mask depending on the depth of the object so it would separate your building from the back plate.

Hope that helps. If you just wanted to vent of some frustration then please ignore this post.

Using HighResShot from console, how do I get the buffer visualisation into seperate files?

Using the HRST, how do I specify the exact resolution if I also ticked buffer visualisation?

Now do you see the issue?

The 1st way gets you exact res, but no gbuffers
The 2nd way gets you gbuffers, but no exact res

Ok, I see what you mean. The only advise I can give is to

  • place a camera and align it to the view you want.
  • Then pilot this camera. Make sure you have a backup of the position of the camera (you can right click and copy the location and rotation values and save it as a text file) because if you accidentally move the camera during piloting then you cannot undo that move.
  • go to full screen with F11
  • take the screenshot using the multiplier
  • tick use custom depth as mask and take the depth screenshot.

You won’t get exactly the resolution you want but at least both of the screenshots are the same size and the size won’t change next time. There might be a console command that triggers a custom depth mask screenshot but I’m not aware of it. Also always take the screenshot from the same computer (and monitor) or they might have a different size.

I would call it a high res rotoscoping question

I would also be very interested in such a thing

We ended up ditching that tool and just used the sequencer to render single images instead. The sequencer lets you specify res while at same time giving access to the buffers.
Next thing is to find a solution to very high res as currently around 7K seems to be the point where Unreal crashes with a 1080Ti in a typical scene.

Hi, I’ve had really good results using Nvidia Ansel to take highres shots, it works better than sequencer for still images and doesn’t crash no matter how high the resolution you need.

Ansel appears to be no longer available in 4.24. Its not even an option in the plugins anymore

Ansel is a NVidia feature. You don’t need a plug-in to make it work afaik.