Photographer's Loft in Berlin (Bruzkus Batek Architekten)


I finished my first Arch-Viz project in UE4 and I wanted to share with you and get some feedback. UE4 community is really fantastic, you guys really helped me a lot in this project - there was answer to every question I had (most of the time I didn’t have to ask because answer was already somewhere on the forum), so thank you very much!

So this is a little loft space in Berlin. I decided to go for it because of its simplicity to test out workflow and how things work before moving on to something bigger. I used just HDRI plugged to Skylight for lighting and followed guidelines for calculating Lightmass.

Design of the space by Bruzkus Batek Architekten

I enjoyed working on this project a lot and I hope you will enjoy it too!

Here’s a video:

and some frames grabbed from animation:

Looking good! I suggest exporting your frames as a sequence from Matinee (avi sucks) and compile into video in something like virtual dub.


simple and nice. i love its design and i’m curious about your settings (lightmap resolution, post process settings, light settings, world settings, render time etc.).

that is looking great!

It looks perfect!

Looks good! It would be nice to see some wider shots (more than close-ups with shallow depth of field,) and maybe a little less chromatic aberration / vignette. This lighting really looks fantastic. I would also be curious to see your lighting breakdown. Way to go!

Thank you so much for all this positive feedback!

I’m sorry for a late reply but here are all the details about the scene. If you need to know anything else please ask ahead.

I used 4.10.2 version of the engine. I tried 4.11 with portals but something went wrong, so I decided to stick to stable release.

Lightmass and Rendering:

In *BaseLightmass.ini *I changed just one setting:


And the World Settings for Lightmass


For lighting I used only Skylight with a HDRI attached to it (one form Peter Guthrie collection)

Rendering of the Lightmass too 2.5 hours but I also tweaked some settings in Swarm Agent:


I changed Processor Count to my maximum available and Priority to normal. This helped to squeeze maximum juice from my machine, but I have to warn you if you pump up those settings your entire resources will be used up and you can barely move mouse cursor while Lightmass is being rendered.

For walls and floors I used mostly 512 and 1024 size of textures and that seems to be enough, however my walls are broken down into smaller chunks


I followed this article to boost SSR in the scene http:// it was very helpful and I managed to get the effect I wanted.

In my main PostProcessVolume I have those settings for Screen Space Reflections:

Intensity = 100
Quality = 100
Max Roughness = 1.0

Rest of the reflections is done by Captures. Here’s the setup:

Primary Captures

Secondary Captures

And the final touch - AA :slight_smile:


I really went to town with the settings on AA and it really made the difference. In the end I was not aiming for performance but photo-realism and in the end I was exporting frames from Matinee so frame rate was not an issue here.

Hope you will find this breakdown helpful and if you have any other questions just ask!

I thought I was looking at Koola’s stuff :)-- very nice!

Thank you OP for the reminder about that SSR tweaking article. When I read it a while ago I was sure It was required to recompile the engine to make those changes, but apparently not :slight_smile:

Cool! It looks great!

Looks great bro congrats U did an awesome job. :smiley:

looking great. thanks for the breakdown.
on the chair’s blade, the ends are faceted, you might want to increase polycount a bit to smooth it. it can’t be seen in the video, so I’m not sure if it’s that important. but just wanted to mention this if you are also showcasing these still images in your porfolio :]

Where can I download this?

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Great work and thanks so much for the breakdown!