Photographer Looking For Developer For A Project

How’s it going everyone,
This is completely new to me so forgive me if nothing makes sense in this.
My name is Daquan Terrence I am a photographer from Seattle, WA (Login • Instagram)
I am searching for a developer for a game I have been wanting to work on for a long time.
I have vast selection of ideas for this game, and now I am looking for a developer who can bring this idea to life and grow it into something that will be universally played for the coming years.

The game I plan on making is a open world photography simulation game with a strong street photography base. Looking for a team to bring this game to life. This will be a paid venture with possible crowd funding to get the game further in development.

Shoot me a message or send me your emails so we can sit down and have a conversation about this. Thank you

Hey there @DaquanTerrence!

It might help devs to know what you’re looking for if you describe what aspect of development you need help with. Specifically, what sort of game you plan on creating, what parts of the game development you need assistance with, and whether this project would be a paid venture or not.

With game development, you typically have multiple people in the creation of a single game. Artists, programmers, directors, etc. There are those that have touched on several aspects of creating a game but finding a master of all is no easy feat.

Goodluck in your search and hope this helps to lead you to the people you need!