Photogrammetry - Student Graduation Project

Hi fellow Unreal fanatics!

For the past months, I have been working on my Graduation Project for NHTV Breda - University of Applied Sciences, I wanted to take a look into Photogrammetry and learn the programs that go with it. I then used Photogrammetry as a base to make the assets, and here and there filled in the gaps by hand. I also did not want to download any of the resources, so I photographed everything myself (including the dirt decals, water and other textures) and masked and blended them together to make the final result used in Engine. This way, everything was created by me.

Everything was reconstructed in RealityCapture and retopologized with InstantMeshes or manual retopping in Maya. I then baked the required maps in xNormal and fixed some of the errors in Substance Painter or Photoshop.

“The “Final” video I am going to submit.”

“An early progress video of the “Playground” scene where I tested out assets.”

If there are any comments, questions, feedback or just a note (you want me to add to my Graduation Document), than that would be more than welcome.


  • Danny

More work will be placed on my Portfolio:
The music created by: Dayviewer - As we walk Through Landscapes.
The Intro Tune is created by: AudioJungle (Licensed).
PS: I have also posted this project on Polycount.

Amazing. I am sure you will get a first for this!

Thanks Orkney! I hope so too :D!

Almost finished 3 years at IGAD, your portfolio is one of the best i’ve seen. Fantastic work man. :o

good to see the new batch of fellow dutchies blowing stuff away :slight_smile: keep up the great work :slight_smile:

This is an incredible piece!

Thanks TimSkijwalker, Luos and Steve_T! Also, Tim, HILARIOUS nickname, very “Dutchie” of you. You got a portfolio for me to browse through? Love to see fellow IGAD-ers work.

Hahaha thanks =p

my website is (if you wait until tomorrow… in the process of updating it)

Sweet *****! You got some impressive work and projects on your portfolio. Aaaaand you’re saying you have more to come? Can’t wait for it to see it :D!

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

I just updated it, if you have any feedback. let me know :cool:

Superawesome! I really like the “Unity to Unreal” conversion project you have made there. How does it work? Do you convert everything yourself, or made a program that helps you?

I tried a program but it’s unreliable so usually I do everything by hand. (which in some cases is a lot of work and in some cases, is really easy)

Insane… completely… IN-SA-NE!!! :smiley:

Yep looks very cool indeed, gratz for the nice work :wink:

Thank you Stevelois! And thank you too Macoll! Glad you both like it.

Hi! Me Again!

I just finished a “Making Of” like video. This shows some of the steps taken when making the “Unreal Engine 4 - Photogrammetry Graduation Project” scene and video.