Photogrammetry model texture problem


I am struggling with this problem for the last week and despite reading countless topics and even asking on UE for beginners group on Facebook I am still where I was before.

I have a nice looking model in photogrammetry software but when I import it into UE it looks terrible. The same model in TwinMotion and Blender looks good.

I tried to bake maps in Substance Painter but SP generates maps for only first texture while remaining are completely black. I described SP problem on Substance forum.(…

I don’t understand why Blender and Twinmotion import it without problems (especially that Twinmotion is based on Unreal Engine) and UE gives such a strange look.

My model has ~~ 1 million triangles and 6 textures. If you are willing to help, it is available for download here:

I will be grateful for pointing the direction where I should look for the solution.