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This mode simulates a real digital camera and allows you to configure many parameters.

**Features: **

  1. Auto and manual exposure mode, focal length, camera angle, aperture, ISO, color temperature, exposure compensation, diaphragm blades
  2. Three focus modes (No Focus - all scene is in the zone of sharpness, Manual Focus, Auto Focus - the module is aimed at the object in the center of the frame)
  3. 5 types of camera by the size of the matrix (16: 9 DSLR, APS-C (Canon), Full Frame DSLR, Micro 4/3, Custom size)
  4. The ability to take pictures up to x7 times the size of your monitor resolution or window
  5. Full and quick menu for settings
  6. Grid with guides for framing
  7. Flight mode (allows you to move in all planes and pass through objects and walls)
  8. Ability to embed a mode as an independent solution for the scene or use it as an additional mode for your main character
  9. Saving settings (include save position camera after exit)
  10. Saving screenshots in *.png, custom path and name.
  11. Video mode (works in sequencer)
  12. Automatic vertical tilt (Set Camera location parallel to the plane )
  13. Bloom effect (Intensity, size, threshold)
  14. 13 LUT profiles and LUT intensity

9 Blueprints; 7 widgets; 3 Levels; 35 textures; 1 sound

This pack contains assets from Epic Games Realistic Rendering pack.



This pack contains assets from Epic Games Realistic Rendering pack.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Mojave+, Linux

Tutorial (1.5)
Tutorial 2 (1.5)
Documentation 1.5

Documentation old
Tutorial (old)
Tutorial 2 (old)

If you have any requests, questions or suggestions, please ask them.

The mod uses standard movement. See (set walk speed.jpg) screen.

Go to BP_Photographer and click in the “Component” section on “CharacterMovement (inherited)”. In the right column “Details”, change the parameters highlighted in the screenshot in red.
“Max Acceleration” - how fast the character will accelerate to maximum speed.
“GroundFriction” - how much the character will slow down the floor. You can generally set to 0, if not necessary. And “Max Walk Speed” is the maximum speed at which the character will move.

If you need to change the parameters in flight mode, find in the Details “character movement: Flying” section and configure for yourself (flying.jpg).

To change the rotation speed you can do the following. Switch to the EventGraph tab (rotate.jpg), find the Mouse Input Block and add the multiplication blocks to the Axis Value parameter. Values ​​must be equal otherwise there will be glitches with the camera. The block is added when you click on a free space with the right mouse button and enter * into the search and find the multiplication float * float there.

After changing the parameters, you must click the Compile button to make the changes.

update 1.1 for UE 4.23

New BP_Cinema blueprint for Cinematics. The camera easily integrates into LevelSequence and provides access to parameters from the timeline. Work example:

Also added feature automatic vertical tilt

Tilt in photo

update 1.2 for UE 4.23

custom sensor size
save position camera after exit (include air mode)

screenshot size up to x7 (Larger values can lead to crashes. Make sure you have a graphics card with sufficient memory and start with lower resolutions.)
fixed saving parameters in the light menu
Fix autofocus (problem with incorrect exposure display )
custom path to save screenshot
custom name screenshot
bloom effect (Intensity, size, threshold)
13 LUT profiles and LUT intensity

Experimental: when changing iso in the full menu, the transparency changes for the convenience of setting the scene.

What is the timeline for an update to 4.24? Thanks

Good day. During the week there will be an update under 4.24

update 1.3 for UE 4.24

Updated deprecated functions.
Transparent menu when changing settings. You can disable it. To do this, go to UI_PhotoSettingsFullWidget and disable the node at the SetMenuOpacity event.

Fix check air mode on start.
Add second LUT slot.

Add tags in BP_Photographer - “PhotoCamera” and BP_Cinema - “CinemaCamera”.

Fix aperture slider (when autofocus enable - aperture isn’t highlighted).
Added events that duplicate the parameter control buttons.
Added functionality for future add-on “LUT Browser”.

update 1.4 for UE 4.24

Fix dof on background in room.

Improved organization of events in the full widget.

Added adjustment of the number of aperture blades.
Added focus with the mouse and fixation on this object. Also added trace to the object.

Added new greed widget. (Now the grid adjusts to screen resolution).
Removed UI_Greed_widget
Fixed the limiter in the manual focus slider. (Now you cannot set 0)
Added checks in BP_Cinema for valid value ranges.

Update under 4.25 in progress.

update 1.4.1 for UE 4.25
Update blueprints for the latest version of the engine
Replaced the auto exposure method from the histogram to the base

Enhanced integration with other modules

If you have any suggestions, write in this thread or at the support mail :slight_smile:

update 1.5 for UE 4.25
Added blueprint for character and photographer integration: BP_PhotographerComponent

Changes in the logic for embedding the mod as an addition
All control buttons are transferred to the controller: BP_PhotoController

Photo album: BP_PhotoAlbumComponent, UI_PhotoAlbum

In BP_Photographer events partially translated into functions for compactness

Fixes for identified bugs
Added 2 examples of character settings for embedding a photographer: BP_FirstPersonCharTest, BP_ThirdPersonCharTest

I’ll update the documentation a bit later.

Updated the documentation in the topic header for 1.5.

update 1.5.1 for UE 4.25

Optimization in algorithms for loading texture photos, taking pictures and capturing the scene.
Fix scene capture in auto exposure mode.
Fix artifacts when capturing objects with metal or smooth surfaces.
Fix photo album widget.

Small update. 1.5.2

The function of calling the new LUT Browser mod has been improved. Link to mod.

50% discount on sale in the marketplace.

Small Update. 1.5.3 for UE 4.26
Fix grid timer update
Update to 4.26
Fix bug crash on vulkan and directX 12

All functions are tested on Windows, Mac Os Mojave, Linux