Photo Selection


It would be very helpful to have one selection-feature more, which would allow automatic selection of a certain group of photos. For example if i select some photos and disable alignment, then i see them on the screen but if i want to select them again i have to go one buy one, or with lasso to select them again. For better understanding see the pic below. 

As well as this selection tool would be helpful if we can see in another color photos which are disabled from meshing or texturing. Right now there is color differentiation just for disabled alignment


Thank you,


hello Tomas, you can also use Camera Rect, Select All, Deselect, and Invert;

so you would like to have an additional button selecting all disabled cameras together with being able to enable these again at once?

as for the differentiation of images diasbled for alignment, meshing, or texturing/colouring, it can be seen in the 1Ds panel, so you would like it to be applied also to the 3D view?