Phone like Grand Theft Auto?


I want to make a phone like the call grand theft auto, I know you make a custom phone and attach to hand or something , what I need help with is BP, I know how to do the animation how do you make it were it the person use WSAD to interact with the phone if the click app(which is one of the functions I want) the phone screen will change tk that that all I need help with thanks.

I guess you need to use an HUD for your phone, which pops up with an animation, when you press the (‘up’) key. Then there have to be like 9 keys, which open up nee HUD’s - like the website or contacts.
So you want to use the WASD keys for controlling your phone menu, when you opened your phone (with f.ex. ‘up’)?
Sorry, I do not 100% understand, what you need.

Basically I need to know how to make a active screen in blueprint