Philosopher - 2007 and 2022 version

‘Philosopher’ is a project made in 2007 and it’s selected to publish in CG Masterpiece artbook 2007. Used Maya, photoshop and Shake for software.

After 15 year. In year 2022, I remaster ‘Philosopher’ and used software include UE, Substance and Maya.


It is really nice to see something like this.

Good reminder of how hard it was before, old days, to do anything good looking in CG.
Now, well… we still need the “taste/skill” (many years of hard work, learning and understanding, blood…, tears…) :sweat_smile:, but tech is really above, and helps with the whole process in a great manner

Really skillful execution :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing @anonymous_user_4b882252 !

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