Philips HUE Lights, research: how to process Http requests

Hi guys,

I am a complete newbie here, I am starting to work on a small research project that could provide some cool immersion functionality. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with Philips HUE light. In a nutshell it is a colored light that is connected to a network using http or JSON. It would be really cool to establish a communication line with these lights to create an immersive environment in the room you are at or to be able to control the lights in the game with a device such as a phone.

To connect from the game engine to the lights is a simple matter since Unreal already has functionality to send http or JSON requests, but now I would like to try to make the scene I have in Unreal react to HUE commands.

To do so I would need a server that can process GET and POST requests and translate the commands to instructions for the lights in the game engine. Enough beating around the bush, my question is:

Anyone has any idea on how to setup a webserver that processes these request and then communicates with the game engine what it needs to do?

Some interesting links if people are willing to help or look into the idea:
HUE API: To communicate with a HUE device. You can find it here
HUE SDK: To process commands for a HUE device, this is what I am trying to work with now. You can find it here
JSON Plugin: Awesome plugin developed by Stefander to send JSON requests using the Blueprint system. You may find it here.

Thank you all for your help! I hope we can get an interesting discussion going on here!