PhAT - some issues

Some (maybe) bugs I found:

  1. The scaling gizmo/manipulator isn’t rendered corectly in front/back/left/right view. In the attached image you can see that the either the y or the x handle is missing.


  1. The “snap constraint to bone” is not working. Maybe it’s just my skeletal mesh from blender 2.77a that I had to scale up by 100, import to unreal, export from unreal and import that file. The skeletal mesh now looks fine, but that might be a factor. [edit: tested it with an asset created in Cinema 4D, still not working]

  2. Collision bodies are created on the joints of the bones. If I’m not mistaking it’d be nice to have them on the bones, between the joints. Might be also an rig import thing? [edit: still issues on C4D asset. I added another image. Strangly, the constraints are placed correctly on creation according to the bone joints]


  1. If I select multiple constraints and try to move them it moves just one correctly and moves only the pivots/origins of others. (I think it’s the pivot, I can correct that by moving the transform gizmo and holding ALT-key)

  2. If I change the names on a constraint the constraints pivot is moved (to the joint of the first bone name) but visuallay the constraint stays in place. This causes some problems in simulation. So I have to alt+move it in place. Why is this possible anyway?

  3. I can’t tell if it is intentional but: Duplicatd objects are moved like 10 units from the position of the original object.

By the way: Could we get an input for values on position/rotaion? [2nd edit: would be nice to be able to add constraints, so I can create closed chains and recreate accidently deleted constraints]
Sorry, the PhAT is making me cry :*|

Hello BOBtheROSS,

Thank you for reporting all of these issues. I’ve been able to reproduce all of them so I’ll be putting bug reports in for some and feature requests in for others. I’ll also be asking about #6 as I believe that’s intended.

Number 5 may depend on whether constraints are in World space or Local space when it comes to their transform.

Luckily, your request for input for values on position/rotation has already been reported by another user so we’ve already added that. It should be in for the 4.13 release, at least that is what it is currently scheduled for so please look forward to it.

I’ll try to get back to you shortly to let you know what I’ve reported.

I’ve asked around about these issues and I’ve confirmed that #3 and #6 are intended. As for the other issues, I’ve placed bug reports in for them. These are the bug numbers, mainly for my own reference: #1: UE-31490 #2: UE-31491 #4: UE-31493 #5: UE-31495

Thank you again for reporting all of the issues. I’ll be sure to let you know here if there are any updates to these bugs. Have a nice day!

Hello BOBtheROSS,

UE-31493 has been fixed and I verified the fix myself. This was the one related to not being able to move multiple constraints at once. It’s marked to be included in 4.14’s release so you can expect to see it then.

Edit: I must’ve missed it when I verified it, but UE-31490 has been fixed as well and was included in 4.13.

Since these are on the public site, I’ll just leave the links here so you can track them.