Phat / Skeletal Mesh / Bounds / Dissapear

Hello all!

First of all my character is parted for equipping system, so there are in actors root Skeletal “Head” and all other parented to it like “left hand”, “left leg” and etc. I have a problem with bounds, when I play my animation in which character rise up hand in FPV my hand is disappear like there are bad bounds. Im check bounds in skeletal mesh viewer and its covering all my hand. Then I notice that my animation of walking on NPC is not playing when my Root_Head is out of screen (player looking on legs), so my others parts of character not receiving anim from head, I create full body PhAt for head, and its solved problem with animation.

Im wondering in my case should I use full body Phat for all my parts of body to get my bounds works correctly? And what about ragdoll, how it will work with overlapping Phat, because now it doesn’t.

Can someone point me what should i check with having parted skeletal mesh? Thanks :wink:

I created phat for merged fullbody mesh, and use it only for root part in bp(head), all other part like hands and legs not using any phat, and everything work just fine.