PHAT, Physics Body Moving to Root on Simulate

Hi everyone.
I have what seems like a simple problem that I have not had any luck figuring out.
I need to create a physics asset for my (blender imported) (IK rigged) character.
Everything is going well but I’ve found that when I click simulate, the feet immediately move to the position of my root bone.
They only seem to do this when they have a collision body on them.
Note that this also happens when I simulate physics in game.

Thank you very much for any help you are able to provide.

I actually finally managed to figure out what it was today! It seems like the bone data for the feet was corrupt somehow. By deleting the feet in blender and re-adding them, then redoing all the animations for the feet, and finally re importing the new mesh to unreal engine as a new file the feet physics asset started worked properly!
Only difficulty was that I had to move all of the animation blueprint data from the old mesh to the new one.