PHAT, Physics Body Moving to Root on Simulate

Hi guys,
I posted this question to the answerhub forums over two weeks ago and have yet to receive an answer. As this is the last thing stopping me from releasing marketplace content, I’d really appreciate some assistance with this issue. So sorry if it is not appropriate to cross post to here.

I have what seems like a simple problem that I have not had any luck figuring out. I need to create a physics asset for my (blender imported) (IK rigged) character. Everything is going well but I’ve found that when I click simulate, the feet immediately move to the position of my root bone. They only seem to do this when they have a collision body on them. Note that this also happens when I simulate physics in game.
I haven’t been able to find any issues with bone weights in blender. The hierarchy seems fine as well other than the IK rig that I have applied. However, ignoring the IK bones for the hands is OK. Only the feet have this issue.

Thank you very much for any help you are able to provide.

Have you tried creating a new physics asset? ( just right click the mesh uasset and pick create new physics asset). Try just creating a single body on the feet with no other body.

Thanks for the response! Yeah I had tried that, hadn’t helped at all.
I actually finally managed to figure out what it was today! It seems like the bone data for the feet was corrupt somehow. By deleting the feet in blender and re-adding them, then redoing all the animations for the feet, and finally re importing the new mesh to unreal engine as a new file the feet physics asset started worked properly!
Only difficulty was that I had to move all of the animation blueprint data from the old mesh to the new one.