PhAT information is lost if moving folders


In 4.7.4 when you have a PhAT for your skeletal mesh, and you decide to move the folder it is located it… it disassociates with the mesh and you lose all your information inside.

First it comes up and states

Even after reassigning the mesh, all the bodies, constraints and information is still gone. Leaving you do redo everything from scratch which takes a while to fine tune.

To reproduce this.
Have your Skeletal Mesh and PhAT in a folder. Set up PhAT. Make sure you are happy. Then save your project.
Now move the Skeletel mesh and your PhAT to a new folder in the project.

Try and open PhAT.

Hi Crocopede,

Thank you for the report. I’ve been able to reproduce this and have submitted a ticket for this with UE-13680.

Once a solution has been submitted I will update the post with any relevant information.

Thank you!


This is still happening, following the instructions to change the mesh loses all the previously created phat properties. (4.13.2)