PhAT Asset Property not reflecting widget rotation

I’ve set the Swing1, Twist, and Swing2 limit angles on the character’s thigh_r. Using the constraint rotation widget, I’ve moved (hopefully) the center point of those limit angles to set the natural rotation of the joint when physics is enabled and to move the swing limits (maybe the upper leg should do all its Swing1 motion to the back).

I have found no way to view these constraint parameter values, making it very difficult to manually input the same angles on the opposite limb. Plus I’m regularly grabbing the wrong axis on the rotation widget, messing things up.

If I open the Property Matrix for the joint constraint and by process of elimination - have come to assume that Angular Rotation Offset one the place widget rotation values should appear. But they don’t seem to be connected and remain at zero. Inputting values also seems to have no effect.

The tooltip for Angular Rotation Offset discusses ‘two frames of reference’ leading me to think that there should also be a matrix entry for Angular Rotation of the constraint. If the swing limit is to be 45 degrees, starting at 30 degrees and ending at 75 degrees - and I want the joint to swing between Rotation - 5 and Rotation + 40, centering on 35 degrees – then it feels like something is missing in the Matrix. I am ignoring the motor sections.

And finally, if I’m not blind, overlooking and misunderstanding things - it would be Very useful to have these parameters surfaced in the constraint details panel.

Hi DavidBN,

The Angular Limits are visualized by the blue, red, and green degree indicators. If you aren’t seeing the same result, please post a screenshot.

Yes I get the same pie slice shaped degree indicators that change size correctly when I edit values in the Limit Angle fields. When I drag the lime green, light blue and orange rotators that you captured here - the resulting rotation values don’t seem to be updating anything in the constraint property matrix. I want to type in rotation values for the mirrored joint but can’t find a place for that in the matrix or details tab view.

I’m struggling to find functional text entry fields for rotational constraint parameters that I’m assuming (and not finding documentation on) are called Angular Rotation Offset and Angular Rotation.

I see what you mean now. There isn’t currently a way to enter these values manually.

I have entered this as a Feature Request in our system. Our developers will be investigating it further.



Thanks much TJ. I opened this topic in Bug Reports since the matrix fields for Angular Rotation Offset don’t seem to be wired to anything on the constraint. But since this field appears to be undocumented maybe it doesn’t qualify as a bug and is a feature request instead.