Phat Adjusting Constraints

I can’t tell if I’m doing this wrong or its broken, but I can’t seem to get the constraints to have a usable offset (without causing the character to explode). It doesn’t help that all the documentation I find is out of date.

If I select the Clavicle, and constrain the arm to it, it defaults to putting the twist axis in the wrong spot. Effectively negating the “twist” axis, because I have to have two of the axis overlap to get them into a usable spot. Its manipulator is also in the wrong spot, so I can’t use rotate (as opposed to Alt-rotate) to get in place.

If I start with the Arm, and constrain the clavicle to it. It puts the constraint in the wrong spot.

But I can use the reset option on the constraint, which puts it on the shoulder joint. This also makes the manipulator actually match the constraint, which should mean I can rotate it to where I need it to be.

But this causes the arm to explode to ■■■■.

What am I doing wrong here.

This driving me nuts, same problem, does anybody have solution?