Phat 4.5 - Change rotation snaps? Also new 4.5 body copy not 3D package agnostic?

Anyone know if there is a way to set the step iteration/snap (whatever it’s called) for the rotation in constraint mode of Phat - currently it jumps +/-10 degrees but cannot seem to find anywhere to set this (like we could in UT3/UDK).

Also, as a side note: Docs say:

As of version 4.5, PhAT allows you to
copy a Physics Body from one bone to
another based on the left/right naming
convention. If you use an _L _R naming
convention on your joints, hitting the
M key will copy the Physics Body to
the bone that shares the same name,
but has the opposing suffix. However,
this only copies the Physics Body and
does not currently copy constraints.
Also note that currently this does not
mirror rotations.

Anyone got this to work in any way at all? Or does the format have to be so exacts as to have _L and _R at the end - I notice bone like “Bip01-L-Foot” will not copy (standard Biped names from 3DS Max) - has UE really become so Maya centric???

Hey Elecronik, Heads up, it helps if you keep your questions very focuses. Don’t be afraid of creating 2 separate smaller questions.


Yes, it looks like the formatting needs to be princely the same, bar the _L _R affix (a simple prefix string matching algorithm seems to be in place for this)