phasing out microsoft products - questions on alternatives

hey guys,

i have had a two decade long satisfactory and generally uneventful relationship with microsoft.
win7 was great and i would gladly use it for years to come.

however for the past year or so it became increasingly clear that MS is spawn of the devil.
not to go on about it, after win7 is pushed out of the market i will be going the other way.

i have a couple of macs but i use them for media stuff. osx is a posibillity but i hate working on it.

i really fancy idea of going with linux.
my main apps are 3ds max, zbrush, photoshop, world machine, terragen and none of them work on linux.
3d coat will be an adequate zbrush substitute, 3ds max is dying a slow death and photoshop could be wined i guess.
substance stuff for linux is being developed and i am keeping an eye on other software aswell.

my question is:

  • is there anyone using UE on linux, if so what are the drawbacks?
  • how mature is vulkan api at the moment? any chance of it competing with dx12?

the microsoft situation really bugs the hell out of me and i do not feel the least bit comfortable depending on their product.
i would really like to hear some thoughts here - whatever they might be.

+1 Linux…

Mint is solid, Ubuntu is ok…

Started migrating old WinXP boxes used for web browsing / watching video / editing docs.
Love the way Firefox, Libre / Open Office, VLC and other crucial apps are installed already.

Totally the reverse of Windows even after all the years of anti-trust against Micro$oft!
PC / Laptop makers are a big part of the problem. How many even offer M$ substitutes???
They’re too busy trying to get away with Superfish type scams to offer any real choice.

Linux as a whole appears to be very stable and its easy to navigate your way around.
Some criticize the Office alternatives, but they can even open PDF’s which M$-Office can’t!

Overall, I’m holding off on migrating UE4 dev boxes over until I get new gear next year.
Then Maya or Blender maybe, with Gimp in place of Photoshop. I’ve read Wine will run Max!

There are a couple of ongoing Linux threads which are worth a read and easy to find.
The editor seems to be running ok as is. But as always as with any OS, there are quirks.

The marketplace won’t work on Linux because there’s no Launcher Port coming anytime soon!
So you’ll have to keep a windows box around for that, or borrow one from somebody!

There are Vulkan API threads on here too. I forget what the conclusions were (info overload atm)

thanks franktech,

marketplace can be run from my osx machines.

but yes, i will most likely have a win machine on the side and keep it offline as much as i can.
i have tens of thousands invested in software and plugin and hate to flush it down the drain.

will do my **** best tho not to give one red cent or data to ms (or autodesk for that matter)

my main concern is not only running UE but getting gameworks to work as it does on pc.
hopefully things will get ahead with vulkan, as from my uninformed perspective, it seems the only chance to get away from the monopoly that ms is so aggressivly after.

going to check out those threads. love to hear about any experiences or thoughts.

Personally I would stay far away from all mac development for games and focus on Linux & the new vulkan API instead

thank you.
i was thinking that aswell. it definitely seems like a way to go.

i watched a lecture by newell years ago, on how linux is future of gaming and valve getting behind it.
the last couple of months made steamboxes extremely relevant in my view. they are a solution to a very problematic situation.