Phase offset does not appear to affect sine waves

I am probably confused with the values for pahse offset. From what I understand, based on the docs, it looks like it should be the offset of the sine wave in degress. So the expectation is that 180 degree offset sine should cause a muted sound when added to a 0 degree offset sine. This does not happen, and even more so any adjustment from 0-360 to the phase does not do anything.

Creating a basic delay using the the time for a single cycle (.5/440) at 440Hz and adding to a non-delayed waveform gives the expected cancellation of sound. Also tried the mixer simply out of curiosity and as expected no difference for either phase offset or delay cases.

What am I missing? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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The input for phase offset is actually interval 0…1 mapped to 0…360 so you need to input 0.5 to have 180 degrees offset.

The input value seems to be only used for initialization so you can’t change it after the sine wave started playing.