Phantom broken reference link in new projects

I tried to post this question in the Answer Hub but apparently I don’t have enough reputation.

So here’s my question:

Before I understood that you shouldn’t mess with the Content directory directly, I managed to break a reference link for a texture on one of my projects. Since I could no longer pull in the texture to the Content Browser without renaming the file, I started a brand new project.

However, the file still can’t be pulled into the Content Browser of a brand new project as it says “the asset is referenced by other content”.

Do I have to reinstall UE4 just to fix my broken reference link? Or is there a better way?

Feedback appreciated!

What exactly do you mean with “pulled into the content browser” -> are you trying to import the texture or do you try to place it into the level/use it in a material :slight_smile:

Import into the content browser by drag and dropping it.

So you can understand better how that came to be, I’m working on this SketchUp to UE4 exporter:

Originally I was setting it up to export to a folder directly in the Content directory, and as I was testing things, I had deleted some files directly from the Content directory instead of through the editor. That left me unable to reimport a texture file that I had imported in a previous test as the reference link still exists. Regardless of whether I am in a brand new project, that reference link is still there. So my question is, is there a way of removing a reference link or do I have to reinstall UE4 to clean it up?