Hey folks,

So I’ve been making a little game that went through many changes and definitely made strides in NPR graphics. I’m really happy with this and wanted to start this thread for the game.
I pretty much use Twitter to post but I’ll try to update this with only this game’s content.

(For those who like Twitter) Phantama Twitter Page:

All shots taken from Unreal Engine 4.23.1
Background are just procedural place holders.

If you like to get more into the watercolour style, try to avoid hard edges. Edges not only on lines/borders but also between different hue/colour values. Also you can try to break up the lines between them, so they look more like mixed (wet-on-wet, if not via “veines” then at least via gradient) or with visible strokes (dry brush).

I get what you mean. Its a mix of watercolor and comic style and the hard edges are there for readability and for the shader. I like watercolor pics with pencil included. For the hue there is magic that I’ll use that technique. If I use that everywhere it’ll be hard to read and I hate those kinds of games. I had to find a balance between readability and artistic techniques. It is a game and I want to be able to distinguish my surroundings.

Thank you for the feedback! It actually helped on deciding on something.

Here are little updates:

Implemented some Basic Movements with some FX.

I also started to create the basic weapons:
Scepters - powered by ones Aura and are capable of shooting Hex Bullets!

This looks great. From stylised game maker to stylised game maker haha.

WOW man, this game looks awesome. It is very similar to Borderlands. Congratulations!!!

Thank You Frank_Punisher and NIDAL NIJM GAMES. I really appreciate it!

So, I implemented my Base Bow System. It will set a foundation for my Magic/Hex Mechanics. Using a bow felt better for the system.