PGM DinoSpawnEntries and doubling up of them?


I am looking at the DinoeSpawnEntries for the PGM system and I don’t understand why some seem to be doubled up. For example there are

  • DeepWater
  • TheDeepwater
  • Ocean
  • TheOcean

Does anyone know why these seem to be doubled up? they are not duplicates in that they have different dino data in them, so I don’t know what is going on here.

Is one for the Island and one for the Center? Not got Dev kit open atm so just a guess.

No, these are the PGM spawners for Procedural maps. My gut feeling is that they misnamed them, renamed them and left the old ones in, but which ones are the old ones is the question. I think I will juts modify one then duplicate it so that both the “Ocean” and “The Ocean” are identical…

Now I have another question, can we use links in the file system to do this or will the deve kit freak out?

Right click, references viewer.

Yes, it appear they are using the spawners with the word “The” prepended to the spawner, so they are using TheOcean and not Ocean and so on, I think they should remove the unused ones.

Not all of the PGM ones prefix THE I don’t think. But they do all have _PGM postfixed.
The extras that are not being used shouldn’t be a issue for anyone unless your just confused as to which one is correct to use. You could just load up TheIsland in the editor and look.
They may have just duplicated from the originals and added THE to some of them to avoid the editor giving them a "there already is something named this"error. Then later decided to add _PGM at the end instead.

This is what I am talking about though, notice the entries for Ocean and Deepwater. It would be nice if they removed the ones that are not being used.

Also, naming conventions would be nice, like if they all had an _ after DinoSpawnEntries would be nice says the OCD part of my mind.