Pete Silvermann | Professional Composer [LFW] Composing, Editing, SFX, [Unpaid, Paid]

Hello Everyone,

I’m Pete Silvermann, an experienced composer looking for projects to work on. I can adapt to any style of music you wish and provide further revisions until you are satisfied.



  • Composing

  • Video Editing (Trailers, Intros, etc.)

  • SFX

  • Producing

  • Mixing

  • Mastering


Prices are negotiable, more info on my site
My base rate is £100 per minute of produced audio for commercial work but I am open to being budget flexible. Each project is unique in what it needs, to get an accurate estimate message me about your project.

Turnaround is fast as I work full time composing. Usually 1-5 days depending on the needs of the piece.


My site: Contact – Pete Silvermann Composer

Discord: peteDS#4578

Thank you for reading