Perspective view all black

Hi there,
i have this issue on perspective view in the editor: it is all black in all view modes (lit, unlit, wireframe etc).
From perspective view, i’m unable to play the game, ang geto this messages:

1- “Failed to create entry point. Try another location, or you may have to rebuild your level.”
2- “Failed to create PlayerStart at desired starting location.”
3- “Failed to start PIE game instance”

This is only for one map in the project.
Other views are working correctly.

Please any help appreciated, thank you

Hello DiagrammaStudio,

From what you describe you said that the perspective view is completely black with lit,unlit, and wireframe. There is a little more information I need in order to narrow down what could be causing this.

1.) Can you go to a top view or side view and the screen still turns black?
2.) You said this only happens in one map in the project. Can you recreate this in another project by making a copy of your original?
3.) Can you link me a copy of your project to test on my end?

Thank you for reporting this issue. As soon as I have this information I will continue to investigate what the cause is.

Hello DiagrammaStudio,

I haven’t heard back from you yet? I was wondering if you were still experiencing this issue? Also have you had a chance to do any of the troubleshoots listed above?

Hello , and thank you for your reply.
Regarding the two solutions:
1 - no, the ortographic views are working good
2 and 3 - at the moment, just because of a presentation we have to do on monday (it is a cultural heritage project) i recreated the scene in another level. i will try to send you the material as soon as we come back from Spain, where we have to do the presentation.

Thanks again for your help

I have the same problem and it’s only on my perspective view-port. It seems like my perspective view-port is locked. But all other orthographic view-ports are working good. Any suggestions?